The Book - dental photography no1 guide

The Book
dental photography no1 guide

     Dental Photography Book is the ultimate guide for those who want to level up their clinical or laboratory photography, improve marketing in social media and create content for lectures and presentations. All types of dental photography categories explained step by step

Dental Intraoral Kit Full

Dental Retractors & Contrastor Kit

    Dental retractors are made of medical grade stainless steel with special black coating that can resist 300 cycles in autoclave or can be used with cold sterilisation for longer product lifetime. Black dental contrastors are rubberised for smooth patient experience and great outcome when doing intraoral photography.

dental photo cube

Dental Photo Cube

     Specially created for denists and labs who need a small photo studio to shoot lab work or clinical materials in order to document their cases with easy use and constant results. Kit includes options to shoot black background, white background, includes black & white acrylyc tables and also shadow wings in order to help you create contour on white objects hen shooting on white background.