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Dental photography residency online

Dental photography residency online

Dental photography residency online There are 3 modules of 4 hours each and we start from absolute zero experience all the way to pro level.
  • You will see and  learn in module one all theoretical about dental photography: equipments, accessories, settings, tips & tricks, types of dental photography, keynote in dentistry, social media and marketing using dental photography, and much more.
  • Module two is about hands-on in dental photography, when you will use your equipment and do step by step all photos like me: portraits, close-ups, intra-oral, laboratory and cross-polarissation.
  • In module 3 you will have hands-on on your MacBook pro or Air using keynote for dentistry, manipulate and edit your photos in an easy way and much faster than in Lightroom or Photoshop.  Also you will learn how to use those photos in social media and to promote your business or yourself.
You will need to have your own equipment like:
DSLR camera: Nikon D750/7200D or canon 80D/6D mark II
MACRO lens: Tokina 100mm Macro or similar
MacBook Air or PRO: not older than 2015
Studio lights like one on our website: 2 x300W with M manual mode available with 60/90cm soft box and 80 cm octobox with double diffuser layer.
Twin flash: Molaris bracket & Meike twin flashes or similar
Accessories: intraoral kit, close-up reflector, portrait reflector
Person to shoot: photo-model, full lips nice smile.

Dental photography course program

Dental photography course program for hands-on courses  Day I 9:00 Theoretical part:
  • Equipment for dental photography
  • Settings for dental photography
  • Calibrating camera & lens for dental photography
  • Using camera in full M manual mode
  • Marketing & Social Media using your own photos
  • Tips & tricks
14:00 Hands-On part:
  • Standard documentation photography
  • Intraoral photography
  • Shade & Colour in dentistry - keep it simple 
  • Crosspolarisation photography
  • Laboratory photography
  • Close-up photography Lips & Smiles
  • B&W portraits artistic 
  • Headshots & Portraits
  • Color Artistic Photography
Day II  KEYNOTE from A to Z 9:00 Hands-On part I :
  • Configure keynote
  • How to create your logo
  • How to create posters for your clinic or lab
  • How to create albums & social media content
  • How to create content for pro lectures
14:00 Hands-On part II:
  • Step-by-step editing protocols in Keynote
  • DentRoom minimum invasive editing 
  • Posting on social media tips & tricks
  • Best poster contest
Dental photography course equipment requirements DSLR camera and Macro lens MacBook Air or PRO 2015 or newer Recommended camera: Nikon D7200/D750 or Canon 80D/6DmarkII Recommended lens: Tokina 100 mm atx-i DSE (dental special edition) Macro   If you want to do this course prior to hands-on course just click on the following link and register for on-line course:  
Studio lights for dental photography kit

Dental photography studio flash lights

Dental photography studio flash lights Which studio lights are good for dental photography? Basically all flashes that can run in Manual mode/TTL are good for dental photography, we need to be able to adjust flashes in manual mode according to power we need. See more details in my on-line courses where i show step by step workflow using studio lights.
POLARIZ and Meike Kit for Nikon

Dental photography accessories

Dental photography accessories See our shop for a full list of accessories for dental photography. There you can find:
  • twin flash bracket for dental photography
  • polarization filter PolariZ for shade and color taking for patients
  • mini soft boxes and BouncerZ for twin flashes
  • mini cube and tables for dental laboratory
  • grey card for dental photography
  • photo box for dental laboratory
  • camera strap
  • portrait reflector
  • close-up reflector
  • intra oral kit that contains retractors and contrastors for dental photography
  • dental photography mirrors
Let us know if you want more products in our shop :)
dental photography by milos miladinov

Dental photography settings

Dental photography settings Main setting for dental photography are :
  • ISO 100
  • exposure time 1/125 or 1/160
  • WB white balance flash or 5560K
  • picture style: faithful or fine detail for Canon
  • picture type: Standard or Neutral for Nikon
  • Focus type: AFS-S auto focus single
  • Aperture: f9-11 for portraits white background, f16-18 for close-up white backgrounds, f22-29 for intra oral and laboratory, f32-35 for cross-polarization. For entire list of settings register for on-line course here:
the book dental photography guide

Dental photography book

Dental photography book No1 guide for dental photography in dentistry The Book was created to give you confidence when using a DSLR camera, to be able to use it like a pro right from very first shot. Simplified protocols, immediate results due to fact that i share all my secrets and tips & tricks with you. You will be able to make amazing portraits, close-ups, intra-oral , laboratory and cross-polarization photos right away if using recommended set-ups and equipments. More than that you will find tips to edit your photos in Keynote, how to use photos for social media and get wanted results in no time. You will find latest accessories for dental photography too. As an add-on to my book i invite you to join my online dental photography course.
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