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  • 16-17-18 October 2020 – Dijon – France 

    Dental Photography – “Shoot like pro” & Video’s in Dentistry  – Lecture with cdt Miladinov Milos & Andrei Marina

  • 6-7-8 November 2020 – Bredent – Senden – Germany –  Study Club 

    Dental Photography – “Shoot like pro” & “Keynote in Dentistry” with cdt Miladinov Milos

  • 13-14-15 November 2020 – Lithuania 

    Dental Photography – “Shoot like pro” & “Keynote in Dentstry”   – Hands-on course with cdt Miladinov Milos

  • 11-13 December 2020 – Timisoara – Romania

    Visual Identity  – Hands-on course with cdt Miladinov Milos & Andrei Marina

Courses - General Information

Course is conducted by Miladinov Milos

With an experience of more than 7 years in dental photography , two written books, hundreds of private courses  and lectured in all major dental congresses worldwide on this topic and also owner of the first ever dental photography brand with own innovated accessories and tools specially made for master level  in dental photography.

Participant requirements

  • DSLR camera Nikon or Canon with macro lens
  • MacBook PRO or MacBook AIR fully updated
  • KEYNOTE installed and updated
  • 32Gb SD-CARD 95Mb/s transfer rate – Class 10
  • SD-CARD reader for macbook

Ideal set-up: Nikon D750 + Tokina 100mm atx-i SLP MACRO + Meike twin flash with Molaris bracket

! If you are Canon user than Canon 80D/90D with Tokina atx-i 100 mm macro is recommended

Organiser requirements

  • Full HD projector with 16:9 screen and HDMI cable
  • Maximum 16-18 participants
  • Professional photomodel for 4-5 hrs with contract.

Types of courses

One day – DEMO ON STAGE – experience 2 days in one and see live demo on stage with live photo session. ( lecture, photo-session, editing, social media ). NO LIMITS on the number of participants ! Ideal for congresses, universities, study-clubs.

Two day course – “SHOOT LIKE PRO” – HANDS-ON – Full course with professional photomodel, real hands-on experience on dental photography and keynote, social media, marketing and branding.

Three day course – ” VISUAL IDENTITY” – HANDS-ON – The ultimate experience: photography, keynote and videos in just a 3 day hands-on course, easy to become a PRO with the most successful course ever created for dentists and technicians. Learn how you can become a star in dentistry.

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    Chose to be different than your competition, ask me for a customized course just for you and your team. 1 to 1 course that can make the difference. Contact us for more information and free dates.

TOKINA 100mm atx-i MACRO SLPRecommended dental photography lens

Recently launched this lens is what dental world was expecting, an updated version of already amazing 100mm atx pro d lens that is used in dental photography over 7-8 years with a lot of success. Why you should have it now:

  • light weight – about 500g
  • extremely sharp for high details
  • autofocus capability in low light
  • unbeatable price
  • used in dental photography in last 8 years

New Tokina 100mm atx-i MACRO f2.8 SLP


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