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    When i started doing dental photography courses in 2013 there was a huge request for this courses and more than that a whole new opportunity to start a new business due the fact that there were not enough  dental photography accessories and more than that no real dental photography brands, just some resellers that were pulling together some accessories for dental photography with no real expertise or experience in the field.

    I started to put all the accessories that i use in one place in one website after i wrote my first book about dental photography named “shoot like pro” which also gave the name of the actual brand. Book was sold in more than 3500 copies worldwide and since than our company had few thousands customers from all the continents.

    How is possible such a success for a one man company? Because i teach with passion, not keeping any secrets for me,  research easy ways to get to great photos and make dental photography a kids play. All the innovation and new products are due to the fact that i was not satisfied with existing tools from the market and had to create many custom ones to fit my needs in the courses like: Molaris, Close-up reflector, PolariZ, The Book, Photo cube kit for labs,  Mini soft-boxes for twin flash and many more … 

    DentalProMaster is my newest project that puts together under one roof my “SHOOT LIKE PRO” brand, my hands-on and on-line courses about photography and videography.


    “I strongly believe that anyone can do it !”

    Miladinov Milos – CEOShoot like PRO

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