Full Digital Workflow

As times are changing also the way we work has to change. Safety of our team and our patients is now most important and we have to take measures to work properly. Adopting FDW in your office can help you from many aspects like:

  • 100% predictable workflow using high end IOS
  • facially guided restorations using face scanner
  • best communication in dental team and patient using exocad webview
  • user friendly, easy to adapt technology, can be used by entire team
  • digital documentation of the cases  using IOS and face scanners (create virtual patients) and removal of standard DSLR in your office due to lack of sterilization for it. Medical equipment can be cleaned, sterilized and is safe to use.
  • labs are totally safe because they get digital files and send final work to dental office without getting in contact with dentist, patient.
  • special delivery boxes are a must so the cases are safely sent from lab.

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“I strongly believe that this is the present !”

Miladinov Milos

Recommended equipments

full digital workflows

This list is made from personal experience and personal training and i guarantee that is 100% compatible to create a workflow using them.

  • Medit i500 intraoral scanner
  • AFT scan bodies + iPhone (latest models)
  • MedKart for mobile set-up
  • Chairside CAD software – Exocad Chairside
  • Chairside printer Asiga UV MAX
  • Chairside milling machine PrograMill ONE
  • Laboratory CAD software – EXOCAD & Meshmixer
  • Laboratory printer SHERAprint30
  • Laboratory milling machine PrograMill PM3, PM5, PM7


on-line training for your staff

If you need on-line support, want to go digital, our team can help you make this reality. We can train dentists, dental assistants and fully train your lab techs to switch completely to FDW and integrate IOS and face scanner in your daily routine. Send us an email on info@dentalpromaster.com


on-line course for labs

For integration of IOS and Face Scan into EXOCAD for labs by CAD expert Arnold Forray. Also custom courses can be made to fit your needs. For more info contact us on : info@dentalpromaster.com and to join the course click on this link :


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