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AFT Scan Body KIT

Now you can use your phone to document and use the 3D files for planning of  your cases.  All you need is the Scan Body KIT and on-line training so you can start next day. It is a very powerful tool in facially and functional guided restorations integrated  in Exocad. For more details subscribe to our specific on-line courses.

You will need:

  • iPhone X or newer phone  & AFT scan bodies can help you get accurate face scans and integrate them easy into exocad.
  • Android phones work too but need a 3D Bellus camera to purchase separately.

AFT kit includes:

  • 1 x  scan body face
  • 60 x scan body teeth


Prices have all taxes included. Transport is not included. Bellus3D app is not included. Bellus3D camera for Android is not included. Training is not included !!!


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