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Final Crown  ( A1 , A 2, A 3, B1 )

  • Specially for the resin developed printing and processing parameters ensure an accurate fit and smooth production sequences with reproducible results at any time
  • The chemical and mechanical properties of the material are specially adapted to dental applications
  • Versatile use: as a single crown on natural tooth or abutment, as an inlay, onlay and veneer, and as a veneer on metal frameworks
  • Objects that have already been printed can be adapted and repaired outside the patient‘s mouth while maintaining stability with VarseoSmile Crown plus or will simply be reprinted due to low material costs
  • Minimized resin sedimentation for easy handling, no mixing or shaking necessary with regular use
  • Easy to grind and polish by using standard tools
  • Thanks to the full integration into the digital workflow and the low material costs, a fast supply option with an excellent price-performance ratio is made possible
  • Scientifically proven high bond strength with commercially available luting agents
  • Secure fixing of printed objects in the patient‘s mouth with only minimal effort to prepare the contact surfaces

Please let us know wich shade you need for your order : A1, A2, A 3, B1


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