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Print Tower UV MAX

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Print Tower UV MAX



Print Tower UV MAX

State of the art, new modern storage for printer trays and resin bottles is now ready to be preordered. You can customize it with your lab or clinic name.

Material: PlexiGlas

Dimensions: width 32 cm x length 32 cm x height 100 cm. Lower storage area is 30 cm high and shelf height is 7 cm. There is a total of 10 shelfs that can fit 10 printer trays. Max tray size that can fit is 21cm x 31cm x 7cm 

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* An additional extra shipping cost can be added if the weight overage the normal shipment cost. You will be informed about this by e-mail or phone in that case.

!!!Please note that for this product the shipping’s cost is around 100euro (insurance of the package included).


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