SprintRay PRO 55S full Kit

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SprintRay PRO 55S full Kit


SprintRay PRO 55S full Kit

  • Smarter dental 3D printing
  • Easy to Learn.
    Easy to Use.
  • SprintRay 3D printers have consistently delivered unmatched efficiency, complete control, and novel pathways for dental practice. Always at the forefront of digital dentistry, our 3D printing ecosystems have defined and shaped the field for the last five years. They have supported dentistry’s ongoing transition into the digital age by amplifying preceding technologies, simplifying and streamlining dental workflows along the way.

To keep up with the dental community’s ever-evolving needs, we’re delighted to announce the newest member of our 3D printing ecosystem – The SprintRay Pro S.

  •  The SprintRay Pro S does everything its predecessors did, but faster and better. The world’s most intelligent 3D printer, SprintRay Pro S is the culmination of years of experience answering dentistry’s most immediate needs.
  • The SprintRay Pro S brings home dental 3D printing as you’ve never seen before. With its smart features and improved ease of use, the SprintRay Pro makes the entire printing experience seamless and hands-off.
  • SprintRay Pro55 S is the perfect 3D printer for dental offices that want to deliver on the promises of in-office production. Featuring high accuracy and high flexibility, Pro55 S is the right choice for dental practices focused on prosthetics and precision. Incredible accuracy, repeatability, and user-friendliness means you can always deliver an outstanding patient experience.


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