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dental photography by milos miladinov

New Tokina 100mm atx-i MACRO f2.8 SLP

Recently launched this lens is what dental world was expecting, an updated version of already amazing 100mm atx pro d lens that is used in dental photography over 7-8 years with a lot of success. Why you should have it now:

  • light weight – about 500g
  • extremely sharp for high details
  • autofocus capability in low light
  • unbeatable price
Molaris twin flash bracket

NEW MOLARIS - twin flash bracket

Recently launched this bracket is optimized version of the in initial bracket, ideal for most common types of photos in dental photography. you can use it for: intraoral, close-up, portrait and laboratory/product photography.

  • weight: 450g
  • color: black & yellow
the book dental photography guide

THE BOOK - no1 guide for dental photography

Ultimate guide  that will help you start with dental photography and help you achieve pro level without effort. All my secrets, tips and tricks and most important settings revealed in 320 pages of high quality content. Shoot like a pro now !

  • weight: 2kg
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