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Dental photography course program

Dental photography course program for hands-on courses 

Day I

9:00 Theoretical part:

  • Equipment for dental photography
  • Settings for dental photography
  • Calibrating camera & lens for dental photography
  • Using camera in full M manual mode
  • Marketing & Social Media using your own photos
  • Tips & tricks

14:00 Hands-On part:

  • Standard documentation photography
  • Intraoral photography
  • Shade & Colour in dentistry – keep it simple 
  • Crosspolarisation photography
  • Laboratory photography
  • Close-up photography Lips & Smiles
  • B&W portraits artistic 
  • Headshots & Portraits
  • Color Artistic Photography

Day II 

KEYNOTE from A to Z

9:00 Hands-On part I :

  • Configure keynote
  • How to create your logo
  • How to create posters for your clinic or lab
  • How to create albums & social media content
  • How to create content for pro lectures

14:00 Hands-On part II:

  • Step-by-step editing protocols in Keynote
  • DentRoom minimum invasive editing 
  • Posting on social media tips & tricks
  • Best poster contest

Dental photography course equipment requirements

DSLR camera and Macro lens

MacBook Air or PRO 2015 or newer

Recommended camera: Nikon D7200/D750 or Canon 80D/6DmarkII

Recommended lens: Tokina 100 mm atx-i DSE (dental special edition) Macro


If you want to do this course prior to hands-on course just click on the following link and register for on-line course:


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