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Dental photography residency online

Dental photography residency online

Dental photography residency online

There are 3 modules of 4 hours each and we start from absolute zero experience all the way to pro level.

  • You will see and  learn in module one all theoretical about dental photography: equipments, accessories, settings, tips & tricks, types of dental photography, keynote in dentistry, social media and marketing using dental photography, and much more.
  • Module two is about hands-on in dental photography, when you will use your equipment and do step by step all photos like me: portraits, close-ups, intra-oral, laboratory and cross-polarissation.
  • In module 3 you will have hands-on on your MacBook pro or Air using keynote for dentistry, manipulate and edit your photos in an easy way and much faster than in Lightroom or Photoshop.  Also you will learn how to use those photos in social media and to promote your business or yourself.

You will need to have your own equipment like:

DSLR camera: Nikon D750/7200D or canon 80D/6D mark II
MACRO lens: Tokina 100mm Macro or similar
MacBook Air or PRO: not older than 2015
Studio lights like one on our website: 2 x300W with M manual mode available with 60/90cm soft box and 80 cm octobox with double diffuser layer.
Twin flash: Molaris bracket & Meike twin flashes or similar
Accessories: intraoral kit, close-up reflector, portrait reflector
Person to shoot: photo-model, full lips nice smile.

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